Top 100 best hairstyle + haircuts for men 2018

Here are the new top 100 hairstyles for man for the year 2018 .These are based on popular hairstyles trends for men 2018

Top 100 best hairstyle for men

Another spectacular year in creativity has just ended, this year 2017 has given birth to a plethora of men's haircuts more aesthetic, original and crazy than the others. Enthusiasm for this new Top 100  of the year 2018!

The strongest trends in terms of hairstyles for the past year are:
- Crops
- Quiff hairstyles
- Comb Over
- Mohawk cuts

There has been a strong tendency for temples, stripes, and dyes, this new year will be in continuity with the previous one.
Whether you have curly, thick, thin or straight hair, the haircuts are so numerous and creative that you no longer have excuses for not finding the perfect hairstyle for your hair.

Here are the new top 100 hairstyles for the year 2018. These predictions for 2018 are based on popular hairstyles that are gaining momentum in the world.

Treat yourself ! And do not hesitate to tell us in a comment which hairstyles you like the most.

1. Long wicks + tincture

A rather incredible hairstyle with blonde locks that gives movement to the top, all complemented by a high gradient.

2. Fringe capped towards back + Gradient Bottom

To achieve this result you have to comb the bangs back while using a hairdryer.

3. Gradient High + FalseHawk

A FalseHawk perfectly made with textured hair, the contours have been carefully worked, all complemented by a gradient to white.

4. Quiff on Wavy Hair + Disconnected Beard

An original Quiff with waves, a low white gradient all complemented by perfect contours, a 10/10 for this hairstyle!

5. Side Part + Long Wave Fringe

A rather original hairstyle, a Side Part coupled with a long fringe in Comb Over and a gradient to white on the sides.

6. Hairstyle Crop + Tincture

The dye comes to give an incredible effect on this Crop capped in an original way.

 7. Disordered Crop Hairstyle Another crop hairstyle,

this time totally disorganized but which gives character to its bearer, the beard is disconnected thanks to a gradient to white.

8. Short Quiff Cup + Gradient Top

A Quiff hairstyle on quite disordered natural hair, a white gradient that disconnects the beard.

9. FroHawk + Design Hairstyle

A FroHawk perfectly made with a twist curl effect above, a very nice design on the side, very beautiful hairstyle.

10. Side part + Ray + Comb Over

Still, a remarkable hairstyle, a Side Part accented with a line and a comb Comb Gominé perfectly combed, a gradient to white disconnects the beard.

11. Quiff + Tincture

A Quiff with wisps slightly bristling and dyed. Once again the white gradient disconnects the beard on the sides.

12. Wild Undercut + Dyeing

An original Undercut, the hair is completely disordered above and dyed blond. A medium white gradient on the sides disconnects the beard.

13. Gradient Blunt to white + tincture

A haircut that is totally out of the ordinary, a Blunt to white gradient that we rarely see, hair dyed and spiked above with colored tips. An excellent result!

14. Hairstyle High Top + Ray

On the sides there is a gradient super clean with a laser line, a high top perfectly made, we love it!

15. Inherited Rocker Cup + Silver Dye

A hairstyle for those who love originality and out of the ordinary.

16. Waves + Contours + Gradient to white + Beard

The waves bowl is an eternal classic among blacks and mestizos, here we have FalseHawk waves with a white gradient that disconnects the beard, and clear and precise contours, 10/10!

17. Natural Curls + Design

Again a modern haircut and in the trend for black and mestizo, above we have natural hair, on the sides and back a white gradient sublimated by an original design, a top hairstyle.

18. Crop Hairdressing + Contoured Beard

Crop somewhat in battle on the top and a high gradient on the sides, which attracts the most attention on this hairstyle is the beard connected to the hairstyle and perfectly contoured.

19. Degraded to white + Full beard

An excellent hairstyle that gives character and manhood to the wearer. The hair is styled backwards above, degraded to white on the sides and a full beard disconnected.

20. Pompadour VS Quiff + Disconnected Beard

Two styles of very trendy hairstyle that have gone out in 2017 and that will continue in 2018, on the left we have a Pompadour and on the right a Quiff, the two cuts are degraded to white, and the beard disconnected. 2 big trends to try for 2018.

21. Dyeing + Amazing design

A hairstyle out of the ordinary on several points, fading, design, gradients, the helical shape above ... Great art.

22. Side Part Pompadour + Dye

Side part very well executed, a beautiful finish in Pompadour on the ends of the wicks, all completed by a dye.

23. Long Fringe + Ray + Design at the nape

Crop hairstyle with long bangs, a stripe on the side and a very nice design at the nape of the neck that makes this hairstyle completely new.

24. Gradient to White + Beautiful natural curls

A very interesting cut for those who are lucky enough to have this hair nature, beautiful natural curls above, a high gradient on the sides and a disconnected beard.

25. Side Part + Full beard

A Side Part with a shape close to the Pompadour above degraded on the sides and a beautiful full beard.

26. Long bangs on the back

Long bangs capped backward, to achieve this result it is best to use a hairdryer during combing.

27. Pompadour + Gradient to white high

A pompadour runs with gradient high on the sides. A virile and neat cut at a time.

28. Side Part Hairstyle + Low Gradient

A Side Part Gominé in Comb Over with a low gradient, an elegant or corporate cut.

29. Afro Staircase + Medium Gradient

A cut quite rare and difficult to achieve, an afro with staircase effect.

30. Crop with textured hair + Gradient top

A perfectly executed crop, an incredibly well-cut white gradient, and perfect contours, 10/10!

31. Afro + Gradient at the temples

A beautiful afro perfectly realized, clear and precise contours, an excellent gradient to the temples, a beard and a well-trimmed mustache, a 10/10 hairstyle.

32. Side part + Gradient to white + Full beard

A very beautiful hairstyle, manly, clean and neat, the side part and the gradient to white are perfect, the full beard disconnected gives a very masculine side in opposition to the meticulously capped top, we love.

33. Messy Fringe + Gradient with Beard

A very beautiful hairstyle that gives virility and charisma to the wearer, the fringe at the front is disordered with a good movement, the gradient on the sides, especially at the ears, is light but gives excellent results, and the beard well trimmed perfectly balance all and make this hairstyle a must try.

34. Side part + Gradient low to white + Barbe disconnected

Here we have a light side part with a white gradient falling to the back that disconnects a well-stocked beard. A perfect hairstyle to experiment with curly hair.

35. Gradient Flames Design

Another hairstyle out of the ordinary! The top is a buzz cut with dye, and at the level of the gradient everything is complicated, the flames are created by mixing color of hue, lines, and gradient for a bluffing result, the kind of hairstyle with which one does not go unnoticed.

36. Hairdressing Pompadour + Medium Gradient

A great pompadour, very full, with a light dye, on the sides a medium to white gradient. The model on the photo has let the mustache grow, adding character to the set.

37. Side Part hairstyle on blurred long hair

On this model, we have an incredible Side Part, at the level of the separation we have a stair effect that gives a big banana curly hair having a very beautiful shape. The sides are degraded and the beard completes the whole. A hairstyle recommended for people with curly hair.

38. Quiff runs + Medium Gradient

A Quiff runs on the top, a medium gradient falling on the sides and back and a disconnected beard for an ideal hairstyle for people with thick hair.

39. Hairdressing Flat Top Top

The mythical hairstyle of the 90s, the Flat Top, this model decided to wear it really high, you can obviously do it shorter, the sides and the back are degraded to white, a hairstyle that we saw a lot in 2017 and which will still be in the landscape of 2018 but which may run out of steam during this year.

40. Gradient top + hair in spades + tincture

On this hairstyle, the top of the hair is styled upwards to give a bristly effect, it is necessary to use gel or styling ointment to allow the hair to hold well in place.

41. Natural mid-length hair combed back

A fairly classic hairstyle, the hair has a very beautiful texture and are brushed backward in Slicked Back.

42. Slicked Back Hairstyle on Curly Hair + White Gradient

Here is an example of Slicked back on curly hair, the result is excellent. A white gradient on the sides and back allows giving a very nice effect to the hairstyle, not to mention the perfectly contoured disconnected beard, an ideal hairstyle for people with curly hair.

43. High Top + Dye + White Gradient

A High Top at max! The top of the hair has been tinted to add originality to this hairstyle already excellent. The outlines are perfect, clean and precise as we like. The gradient to white is nickel, nothing to say a 10/10.

44. Crop on long wavy hair + Gradient

Here we still have a Crop hairstyle with a big falling fringe at the front, on the sides we have a medium gradient that takes volume at the level of the beard. An excellent hairstyle for people with curly hair.

45. Medium curly hair

A very classic hairstyle, discreet but elegant, that adapts to the life of all the day or the big occasions. Ideal for people with medium and long hair.

46. Messy crop

In this example, we have a decrepit Crop that gives the wearer character, a very slight average gradient on the sides and beards that have been voluntarily left longer than normal.

47. Long Hair Wavy + Gradient + Beard

An impressive hairstyle, the big wavy banana at the front gives all the dimension to the hairstyle. a low gradient is observed at the ears and neck, and a well-trimmed beard rebalances the volume of the top of the head.

48. Pompadour + Degraded to white

A very well done Pompadour, with colored strands at the top to give dynamics, a medium to white gradient on the sides and at the back which let's reveal on this example a cranial tattoo. A very good cut.

49. Disordered crop + tincture

Still a hairstyle out of the ordinary, the messy crop is accentuated by an uneven dye on only one part of the head. Then we have a medium gradient very well done that takes volume at the level of the beard.

50. Buzz + Ray + Gradient Blank

The classic shortcut or Buzz cut, with a big line on the side Hi-Lo, degraded form that gives dynamics to the white gradient that disconnects the beard. An interesting cut that will not go to everyone.

51. Side Part + White Gradient

A nice side part with the hair that leaves in Comb Over, on the sides we have a white gradient that disconnects the perfectly contoured beard.

52. Mohawk on short hair + beard

A very interesting cut for many reasons. First of all, we have a beautiful Mohawk on short hair, which finishes at the nape of the neck with a contour cut in an original way. The gradient on the sides is perfectly realized, observe the top of the ear to see its complexity, then the gradient regains volume at the level of the beard, a cup to which we will grant a 10/10.

53. Side Part Comb Over

A beautiful side part in comb-over, the hair has been carefully combed to obtain this effect as harmonious in the comb-over. The sides when they are degraded in a classic way.

54. Crop + Gradient

A fairly classic crop but very well done, degraded on the sides.

55. Long bangs + Gradient to white + Disconnected beard

A cut that has character, the long bangs capped forward almost in the form of a hooptie, a gradient to white on the sides that disconnects the beard, excellent hairstyle!

56. Side part Comb Over + Gradient

A Side Part in comb-over really well done and incredibly clean, degraded on the sides, all complemented by a well-trimmed beard, a hairstyle both virile and elegant that will give charisma to the wearer.

57. Quiff Hairstyle + Tincture

The perfect example of a Quiff in all its splendor.

58. Wavy hair mid-length + Gradient on the sides

A simple and effective cut for people with medium-length hair, to try!

59. Quiff hairstyle + tincture

A Quiff hairstyle with dye and a well-executed gradient.

60. Coiffure Pompadour + Disconnected beard

A pompadour with a beautiful banana, a low to white gradient, and a board composed of two levels of length, original!

61. Medium Gradient + Disconnected Beard

A very beautiful hairstyle, very well done gradient contour, excellent!

62. FroHawk + Degraded to white

A hairstyle very common among blacks and mestizos, the mixture of Mohawk with an afro cut that gives a FroHawk, combined with a gradient to white following the shape of FroHawk, a 10/10 for this excellent hairstyle.

63. Quiff on curly hair + Gradient top

Here is a Quiff for curly hair, very well executed, a high white gradient on the sides and if you observe correctly the back you will notice a very original shape of contour at the level of the neck as well as a "signature" of the hairdresser behind the ear, a creative hairstyle as we like them.

64. Grand Pompadour + Disconnected beard

A beautiful pompadour that blends perfectly with this gradient and a well-connected disconnected beard.

65. Quiff + Ray + Tincture

A Quiff with dye, a line in the continuity of the contour line of the forehead, an effective white gradient and a beard that is offset from the gradient, a very beautiful cut, original.

66. FroHawk + Design on the back + Beard

An excellent FroHawk completed with a beautiful gradient, a full beard that rebalances with the volume of hair above and a design behind the ear that makes this couple more than perfect, we love it!

67. Long bangs - 4 different styles

On this example we have 4 styles of hair that can be done with long enough bangs, it's up to you to decide which one you are talking about the most and to try it.

68. Long messy locks + Disconnected beard

An original hairstyle with dyed locks that fall forward, a gradient on the temples and the neck very well done and a perfectly trimmed beard, top!

69. Long curly fringe + Semi-shaved crane

On the front, we have long bangs that make beautiful curls, on the sides a rather unusual gradient with a clear distinction on half of the skull. a very original cut as we would like to see more often.

70. Waves + Gradient to white + Full beard

Waves at the top, a white gradient falling on the sides and back and a well-stocked beard, a haircut urban style, 10/10!

71. Long bangs + tincture

The dye on this picture is very beautiful and adds an extra dimension to the hairstyle which is already excellent.

72. Long curly fringe + Side Part + Gradient to white

An incredible side part with a long bang that gives a lot of life to the hairstyle, on the sides we have a high white gradient that allows focussing attention on the side part which is beautiful, 10/10 for this hairstyle!

73. Pompadour + Low white gradient

A rather classic pompadour but very well done, the gradient on the side disconnects the beard, a masculine hairstyle that gives character to its wearer.

74. Crop Hairstyle + White Gradient

As you can see the crops this year will be a very big trend, the example again here.

75. Crop Hairstyle for Naked Fronts

For all people who suffer from hair loss, do not worry you still have time before you completely shave the skull, here is an example of perfect hairstyle to try when the front begins to lose.
A cropped hairstyle that allows you to fold a maximum hair on the front of the head. And a top-to-white gradient to focus attention on the hair on top of the skull.

76. Crop Hairstyle FauxHawk + Design

A very original hairstyle, a FauxHawk crop above and incredible designs on the sides, all complemented by a beard, an excellent haircut that will not suit everyone.

77. Long bangs + Gradient to white

A very long fringe combed on the side, a white gradient perfectly executed, nothing wrong.

78. Mid-length hair combed back + White gradient

In this example, the hair is half long and capped towards the back. The white gradient is beautifully made and the outlines are incredibly clean, a killer!

79. Afro + Gradient cut at the temples and neck

Here we have the cup called Blow out, an afro with a gradient at times and the neck, in this example we can see that the whole is executed with a master hand, the cut above, the Gradient and outlines are just perfect, a must for black and mixed-race men, 10/10!

80. Fringe styled back + Gradient to low white

The bangs on the back of this example have a very beautiful shape thanks to well-textured locks, a low gradient on the sides and the back finalizes the cut and gives way to a well-trimmed beard.

81. Inherited Hair + White Gradient

The bristly hair of this example gives a very good result, the hair above have a very good texture that can be obtained with a gel or a styling wax, on the sides we have a white gradient that disconnects a very short beard.

82. Hair styled back + Gradient down

Here we have hair styled backward like a slicked back with a low gradient on the sides, an interesting cut that adapts to all situations of everyday life.

83. Hairdressing Pompadour x Side part

On this model, we have a really original pompadour as it goes up from different places. The texture of the hair is very beautiful, it will use the ointment or a styling wax to obtain such a result.

84. Pompadour + tincture

In this example, we have a real star hairstyle! We find on the top a pompadour capped on the sideway comb over completed by a dye. On the sides, we have a high gradient that is redecorated at the ears and neck, and finally, a dense beard, all complemented by sharp contours. A hairstyle 10/10!

85. Fringe styled back + Gradient top

Mid-length hair at the bangs on the back with a few strands arranged differently to give style and movement to the whole. On the sides, we have a beautiful gradient to white and a disconnected beard.

86. Contours + Gradient bottom + Design

Here we have a mini afro on the top, with perfect contours, clean and precise at the forehead and the beard, a white gradient at the ears and neck, all complemented by the claw of the hairdresser, a small design at the back of the head, which make this hairstyle a top, 10/10. An ideal hairstyle for blacks and mestizos.

87. Carved fringe

A hairstyle that is totally out of the ordinary, we have big bangs gominée in the front, the sides are degraded to white, a seductive hairstyle that puts the full view.

88. Crop + Fringe

A crop quite original, because uneven in the front with a wick that falls subtly on the forehead. the white gradient is beautiful, perfectly realized, and disconnects a beard very well cut. Everything is completed by a perfect finish at the contours, again a hairstyle to which we give a 10/10.

89. Long bangs + Full beard

On this hairstyle, we have a long bang on the front, a medium gradient on the sides that gives way to a big full beard, more imposing than the hair above. An interesting hairstyle for people looking for a virile hairstyle or having a brow that begins to lose.

90. Crop + Fringe + Gradient to white

On this model, we have a beautiful crop, quite technical with a beautiful long bang going forward and slightly tinted. On the sides we have a white gradient falling to the back. The hair on the top has a worked texture that gives the whole dimension to the hairstyle, again a 10/10.

91. Hair in battle + Design

An excellent hairstyle, very original, the hair at the top are in battle and begins to be structured at the level of the gradient, the design intervenes then to give an exceptional effect to the cut, and gives way to a gradient to white. An atypical hairstyle rather adapted to the youngest of artists.

92. Swept hair back + Gradient up

A cut which has a lot of style and which gives charisma to its bearer, the hair in front is in the form of Pompadour, reinforced by a high white gradient on the sides. A hairstyle adapted for people with thick, straight hair.

93. Crop provided in battle

An ideal haircut for the younger ones who still have a dense hair nature. A crop with long streaks forward, and a medium gradient on the sides, a rather simple but effective cut.

94. Classic hairstyle with backward styling

A beautiful hairstyle, classic certainly, but totally in agreement with its time.

95. Coiffure Quiff + Gradient to white high

An effective Quiff hairstyle, which will speak especially to people whose foreheads begin to lose their hair, the Quiff makes it possible to hide the lack of hair on the sides of the forehead, the white gradient on the sides focuses the attention on the top of the hairstyle and the disconnected beard gives a very good balance to all with a manly and modern appearance. A hairstyle at the top.

96. Banana with curly hair + Ray continues to the eyebrows

Still an incredible and unique hairstyle that fits totally in the trend of the year 2018. We have on the top a big banana, with a very original touch on the side, a line that leaves very slightly in gradation and is continuous to the eyebrow. a low gradient completes everything and icing on the cake, a mustache with subtly elongated tips. A daring haircut but perfectly in the trend that is particularly suitable for people with curly hair.

97. Uneven Crop Hairstyle

An original hairstyle, a Crop we are not used to, the front line is uneven, which is consistent with the rest of the hair that is in battle above. The sides are degraded in a classical way.

98. Long Wavy Hair + Disconnected Beard

A haircut that seems quite simple but that takes its dimension in detail, the hair is quite long and dense, we observe at the level of the eye a very light gradient, very well done that starts on a full beard. A hairstyle suitable for people with thick hair.

99. Crop + Stripe + Degraded to white

A crop again very well done, with a rayon the side Hi-Lo degraded way, a gradient to white to complete the whole. A cut that corresponds rather too young people or artists and will certainly not go unnoticed.

100. Small Pompadour + Gradient + Full beard

An excellent hairstyle with a perfectly styled light Pompadour, a very clean low gradient and a very masculine, full disconnected beard, excellent cut!

There we go this is our top 100 hairstyle for men, do not hesitate to comment on these beautiful cuts, give the number of your favorite hairstyle and do not hesitate to support us by sharing this article on the networks



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ZENTLEMAN: Top 100 best hairstyle + haircuts for men 2018
Top 100 best hairstyle + haircuts for men 2018
Here are the new top 100 hairstyles for man for the year 2018 .These are based on popular hairstyles trends for men 2018
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